Blueberry Doughnut (15 ml)

A delicious freshly baked doughnut bursting with blueberries.

Flavor notes:

  • Maple-infused cake batter
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Sugar cane icing

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Vape n Brew Review:

3 mg Nicotine
Taste: 4/5
Cloud: 5/5
Throat Hit: 5/5

I personally have not been a big fan of blueberry flavored vapes. I think out of the 20 or so blueberry flavors that I have received I have liked two or three of them. Blueberry Doughnut is the best blueberry juice I have had. Hell, It's probably in the top three doughnut juices I've ever had. So just get this juice. It's f***ing great. 

    $ 7.99

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